Keeping Up With 2022

  • The consumer wants an Experience: this tops the marketing trend for 2022. The audience is well informed about your competitors, but they seek a brand that doesn’t just sell to them but creates an experience or remarkable journey for them. This technically means they don’t need an advertiser. They need educators ready to talk them through products and why it is essential for their needs. Remember, if you create an educative experience, you have limited the consumer research and solved their problems.
  • Video Marketing is the New King: You might have heard the short phrase “Content is King.” While content is still king and is held to a high standard, Video Marketing is the rave. The sudden growth of TikTok and Instagram Reels tells you the story. An average digital user spends less time on written content but gets engrossed with video content because it educates them or gives them a broader insight into a subject matter. Pictures don’t tell a whole story, but video does.
  • Data and Analytics can’t be ignored: Analytics and data should be a big part of your strategy no matter what you do. You need to understand consumer behaviours, purchase patterns, purchase abandonment, and a lot, but you can only get this detailed data by embracing data and analytics.
  • Social Media Advertising is growing bigger: With a large influx of new social media users, there’s no better way to position your business and brand message to new users.
  • Influencer Marketing remains relevant: Influencer marketing and partnerships remain relevant. With over 61% of B2C Marketers proposing Influencer Marketing to position your business to a digitally mature audience firmly, it is imperative you take note and follow suit.




A Creative | Brand Communications & Marketing Strategist

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Oluwafemi Anthony

Oluwafemi Anthony

A Creative | Brand Communications & Marketing Strategist

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